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Kitchen Open Thurs – Mon 5PM – 10PM

A Sampling Of Our Menu

With so many incredible sources for farm-fresh products grown right here in the Hudson Valley, we are committed to creating a hyper-seasonal menu leaning on ingredients from our community.  It’s not just about knowing where your food is coming from, but who it’s coming from. Committed to keeping our menu as fresh as possible, Chef Jesse works closely with local farms, creating a hyper-seasonal menu that ultimately benefits  all steps of the food production chain by depending on what is available here today.

Our goal is to offer the freshest ingredients from our neighbors and the region.  Our menu will change and evolve with the seasons and what’s available from our local farms.   With this in mind we aim to change the TONIGHT menu offerings every few weeks. So please keep in mind that the sample menu below is just that — a sample menu— and we will likely be offering a new array of farm fresh ingredients when you visit. 

The STANDARDS are just that- our favorite standards that are available every evening.